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Uni Holder 3D-Positioner Probe Holder

MSRP: $610.00
Price: $525.00
You Save: $85.00 (14 %)
Manufacturer: PMK
Manufacturer Part No: MSU-1500

3D Positioners 

■ Hands free testing
■ exact and safe positioning
■ stepless 3D-clamping system
■ single hand fastening

Permanent fixation . . . 

Uniholder - 893-090-000

. . . needs a stable base . . .  

893-100-004 Magnetfoot
893-100-001 Steelbase
893-100-003 Vacuumcup
893-100-002 Tableclamp

. . . and a strong connection 

893-200-130 Jointed arm 130 mm anodized,
893-200-13V Jointed arm 130 mm stainless steel,
893-200-200 Jointed arm 200 mm anodized,
893-200-20V Jointed arm 200 mm stainless steel.

Step­less ad­just­ments

PMK 3D Po­si­tion­ers are step­less ad­justable. The me­chan­i­cal clamp­ing sys­tem al­lows easy and exact

po­si­tion­ing of probes and other ac­ces­sories. The three joints of the po­si­tioner can be tight­ened with a sin­gle turn of hands at the fas­ten­ing screw. This makes it very user friendly and al­lows for ef­fi­cient work­ing.

Per­ma­nent fix­a­tion - sta­ble base

Through pre­cisely fit­ting ball-and-socket joints very high sta­tic fric­tion is achieved for a greater sta­bilty of the po­si­tioner. There are three dif­fer­ent ver­sions of the 3D Po­si­tioner. De­pend­ing on the ap­pli­ca­tion steel base, table clamp and vac­uum cup can offer a dis­tin­guished ad­van­tage in han­dling your daily mea­sur­ing tasks.

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