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Hioki 3331 Power Analyzer

Price: $4,100.00
Item Number: 3331
Manufacturer: Hioki
Category: Single Phase Power Analyzer
High-performance 3-phase power meter makes system construction easy

This model provides high accuracy of ±0.2 % (45 to 66 Hz), and is capable of measuring and integrating power consumption of 3-phase devices such as industrial air conditioners and refrigerators, as well as single phase (single-phase, 3-wire) equipment. It can handle direct current inputs of up to 50 A, and maintains frequency characteristics over a broad bandwidth from 10 Hz to 100 kHz. Also features wave peak measurement and a U3, I3 display function using vector calculation. Compact and lightweight.
Measurement lines Single-phase/three-wire, three-phase/three-wire

Measurement items Voltage, Current, Current peak, Active power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Power factor, Phase angle, Frequency, Power integration, Current integration

Measurement ranges Voltage: 150.00 V to 600.00 V, 3 ranges, Current: 500.00 mA to 50.000 A, 7 ranges, Power: 150.00 W to 60.000 kW, 21 ranges, Frequency: 4 Hz to 50 kHz, auto or 2 ranges

Integration range 0.00000 to ±999999 MAh/MWh, (integration time up to 10000 hours)

Wave peak measurement Current I1 to I3 (displays maximum absolute value. I1 and I2 only with single phase)

Basic accuracy ±0.1 % rdg. ±0.1 % f.s. (active power, at 45 to 66 Hz)

Frequency characteristics 10 Hz to 100 kHz (10 Hz to 10 kHz at 20 A to 30 A, 50/60 Hz at 30 A to 50 A )

Signal output Analog level: Voltage, Current, Active power, 5 V DC f.s., Waveform monitor: Voltage, Current, 1 V rms f.s., D/A output: Outputs 1 arbitrarily selected items, ±5 V DC f.s.

Other functions Scaling function (PT and CT ratio), Displays a moving average function, D/A output function, GP-IB/RS-232C interface

Sampling rate 5 times/second

Power supply 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions, mass 210 mm(8.27 in)W × 100 mm(3.94 in)H × 261 mm(10.28 in)D, 2.5 kg (88.2 oz)

Accessories Power cord (1), Connector for EXT I/O (1)
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