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Graphtec GL7000 modular Data Logger mainframe

Price: $2,400.00
Item Number: GL7000
Manufacturer: Graphtec
Manufacturer Part No: GL7000
This new generation data acquisition unit can measure the desired signal according to specific needs—and can expand into other applications adding different amplifier modules. The GL7000 can be attached to a touch-panel display module and used as a stand-alone unit for embedding into a larger system.

Expandable up to 112 channels!
Supports 4 Destinations;
Saving captured data according to conditions of the measurement
Built-in RAM
SD Memory Card
•  Built-in Flash Memory
•  SD Module (64BG)
GL7000 ssd module

Includes software for high-performance and ease-of-use operations

The GL7000 can be controlled by the GL-Connection sofware that is included. The software has convenient functions such as saving data to the PC, replaying captured data, and converting data forms. It is an integrated application software for the GL series.
GL7000 software
Improved ease-of-use with the high-definition display and touch panel

The touch panel makes setting the conditions intuitive, and it can also be operated using the cursor keys similar to the GL series. The 5.7" HD LCD monitor also makes it easy to read data in waveform or digital form.

Expandable Module Support of up to 10 Modules
Measurements for different applications can be added to the amplifier module. It is also possible to mix measurements by adding different types of modules. Up to 10 amplifier modules can be attached for mulit-channel measurements—with up to 112 channels on one GL7000.
GL7000 expandable modules
Easy PC Interface Support
Web and FTP Server Function
FTP Client Funtcion
•  DHCP Client Function
•  USB Drive Mode
•  NTP Client Function
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